NDA Full

This AGREEMENT is by and between YOU the undersigned Buyer and Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc. as agent for the owner and/or legal entity of the property.

Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc. agrees to allow the Buyer / Broker access to certain confidential information or proprietary information relating to the affairs of the property currently listed by Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc., for the purpose of purchasing real estate.

Whereas the undersigned Buyer may review, examine, inspect, have access to, or obtain, such information only for the purposes described above, and to otherwise hold such disclosed information confidential pursuant to the terms of this agreement.

1. The undersigned Broker/Buyer agrees to hold all the disclosed information confidential or proprietary, including but not limited to location, size, capacity, and financial information, in trust and confidence and agrees that it shall be used only for the contemplated purpose and shall not be used for any other purpose;

2. No copies or abstracts will be made or retained of any written information supplied and shall be immediately returned to Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc. upon demand by Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc.;

3. The information shall not be disclosed to any employee, consultant or third party without the written prior consent of the Seller or Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc. and said party shall first sign a “Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement” with Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc.;

4. It is understood that the undersigned shall have no obligation to hold confidential with respect to any information known by the undersigned prior to the date of this agreement or information generally known within the industry prior to the date hereof;

5. The Broker/Buyer acknowledges that the information to be disclosed is proprietary and in the event of unlawful use of wrongful disclosure, the Property and Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc. jointly and separately shall be entitled to injunctive relief as well as monetary damages.